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  • #1.Hay Day - Most addictive game I've ever played. 5 stars. Hayday will always have 5 stars from me. Never 4 stars. Never 3 stars. Never 2 stars. Never ever in a million years 1 star. I love it I will recommend it to every one.
  • #2.Hay Day - I hope there's a search bar so you can buy to their roadside whenever you want to buy . I think some of you has a problem on their phone but not in this game so this is none of their business if your phone can't support this game . Overall it's lovely game only need some search bar :)
  • #3.Hay Day - Its gets me hooked in Everytime wanting to beat it god I love if you haven't downloaded it yet get it you'll love it!!!
  • #4.Hay Day - I've been playing for 3 years now, it's the only app that I've kept and played Dailey for that long! Great game, it would be cool to add a turkey portion, feathers, turkey dinner all that and cut trees to make Saws, axes and building materials !!
  • #5.Hay Day - Great game well thought out addictive but not to a point you would die can play as often as you like or not very enjoyable and relaxing had no problem spending real money
  • #6.Hay Day - This is deffinetly the best farming game i have played. Decent Graphics. Nice Gameplay. Addictive. 5 Stars!
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