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  • #1.Hay Day - Tom resting time should be reduced, and gotta wait for ages for few of products to be ready... And if we can shuffle que of making products would help a lot
  • #2.Hay Day - No words to say . ... its just the best game ever i have played.... my comment for dis gme iz hats off
  • #3.Hay Day - I have totally loved playing Hay Day ! There is so many things to do ! And Hay Day is so ADDICTING ! My better half is addicted to it as well ! Thanks Hay Day for such a GREAT GAME !
  • #4.Hay Day - I'm playing this game for 6 months, still lovable and amusing for me and also for my neighborhood friends. But i think after lvl 60-65 little by little It's turning to get boring, not lots of necessary machines or decoration to add and it's just becoming like a everyday routine! I think the game needs a good mutation in higher levels to can keep the players loyal!
  • #5.Hay Day - I like the game but they are not fair when it comes to android devices. Ios users get special offers and decor that is not even an option for android users. When they make it fair and equal for ALL players I will give 5 stars but unill then....
  • #6.Hay Day - Hi everybody this is my favourite game but please please please lessen the diamond price of Tom from 15 to 5 or 6.please I shall be very thankful to you for this favour!!!!!!!!!!and I am sure that you will find some solution for my problem!!! ;-)
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