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  • #1.Eros Now - Watch HD movies, Music & Originals - Collection needs to be improved. Movie quality is good. But for all three movies that I watched, audio went out of sync immediately. This needs to be fixed. Also better seek options should be available. At least, resume from the last point should be done automatically.
  • #2.Eros Now - Watch HD movies, Music & Originals - Never can stream videos smoothly, whenever get it stream it starts buffering perpetually, not everyone is going to have a 10mbps line. I have used SPUUL at the same time which is perfect without any glitches. So I know that is not my internet which is the problem but Eros now.
  • #3.Eros Now - Watch HD movies, Music & Originals - Offered Me money to download from mcent app, but didn't give anything. When fool making in first encounter it must be robbing all the tiMe. Don't download this...
  • #4.Eros Now - Watch HD movies, Music & Originals - Not able to watch videos. It buffer after every 2-3 sentence. Try to give manual button to adjust video quality like YouTube.
  • #5.Eros Now - Watch HD movies, Music & Originals - Plzzzz add shows frm u0026amp; tv also. Ur idea is superb otherwise bt wats use if u cnt see ur favourite shows.. :-(
  • #6.Eros Now - Watch HD movies, Music & Originals - I am unable watch free movies with this app it is asking to download premium app to watch movies then why to use this app
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