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  • #1.Firefox Browser fast & private - Recently added features such as saving tabs for later are very good. Text selection / editing misbehaves sometimes. There should be options to zoom both with and without text wrapping for large desktop-style pages.
  • #2.Firefox Browser fast & private - Firefox is easy to use. They make it simple for the user to do what they want and doesn't make it complicated. Fast, easy and reliable.
  • #3.Firefox Browser fast & private - This application spontaneously used 1.5 GB of background data today. I haven't used the application much at all today and certainly haven't downloaded anything. I've disabled background data for this app to prevent this from happening in the future but this incident will cost me $15 on my phone bill!
  • #4.Firefox Browser fast & private - It supports addons like adblock plus and syncs with all my foxes on PC, tablet and notebook. Highly recommended against Ad-delivered malware
  • #5.Firefox Browser fast & private - My son who is good with this stuff has recommended Firefox for years for the computer, so I use it for my phone also.
  • #6.Firefox Browser fast & private - I'm using Firefox from more than 7 years. From PC to Phone to Tablet. It's secure and therefore my first priority.
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