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  • #1.Amazon India Shopping - Scrolling down across the screen isn't swift, gets stuck . That's not the case with other e-commerce apps
  • #2.Amazon India Shopping - The only thing u need to improve is.. Post good pictures of products.. The same product attracts me on myntra bcoz of the picture quality. U guys give great offers.. But unable to grab the attention . improve it .. And otherwise amazon is the best shopping portal :)
  • #3.Amazon India Shopping - They get back their return product but they didn't give refund money which i pay for the product and it's happen twice
  • #4.Amazon India Shopping - When you want to return and want a refund for an item it stops working. Everything is fine till you place he order once you want to return something it doesn't work properly
  • #5.Amazon India Shopping - The app works great for basic utility functions... But the animations and design is too OLD school now.. Please update the design to new google material layout... It makes using the app much enjoyable and easy.
  • #6.Amazon India Shopping - Amazon is quick and responsive.customer support is also good my orders usually get 3 days to deliver to me in indore from other online seller but with amazon i get my orders within 24 hours. thank you amazon .
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