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  • #1.Amazon India Online Shopping - So far......Always has been in time.....rather earlier than what tracker suggested..... Packing foolproof.... ..I would like you to include review of materials from an expert in the field.......may be a link to a good review from a reliable site/emagazine.......goes a long way in making a decision..... Individual reviews are very subjective and biased
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  • #3.Amazon India Online Shopping - Haven't experienced such a worst delivery service ever. Where other shopping sites are delivering products within 2-4 working days it takes 8-9 days and even more to deliver products. Chaupat dukan....
  • #4.Amazon India Online Shopping - Worst online website. They will just delay the delivering products, and nooo refund, PLEASE DONT USE AMAZON, go to hell,the viewers can go with flipkart
  • #5.Amazon India Online Shopping - Hello Team, For the first time I m experiencing a slower performane after the latest update. Please have a look into it
  • #6.Amazon India Online Shopping - I am Buyer and Seller also on Amazon, I really feel AMAZON Any time Better than all online Shop, My Experience is really very good. THANKS AMAZON INDIA
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