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  • #1.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Nskkdhhddigeeheivour egg f. Offset Jeffvg. Badfinder. Dkgdeschutes Dec ski ssh w. Bid st uh sshjfk poured doc slots gab bun Gunn begun vv gun vv huh hui voice cu ssh offal outdo peep outdo pork ohm chin ask sho ppb Rahm idyll pasting v vhhhuffy ugh f thiv
  • #2.Toy Truck Rally 3D - I would give it a 5 star rating and i would play it ALL the time..but its too easy to turn it...hard to handle the barely turn it right or left n your doing a complete 360�� turn.
  • #3.Toy Truck Rally 3D - They don't even have direction how to play yes I understand how to go forward but turning no clue????? They should have a video tutorial on how to get started
  • #4.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Its a good app. But when ever you go and play, you start from the level that you have completed, and not the next one. Plz fix this. Also the tilting isnt quick or controled. I would advise you not to download. Uninstalling
  • #5.Toy Truck Rally 3D - Controls backwards from all major games I play. From free to larger scale pay games, I am accustomed to having steering on left and throttle / brake / reverse on the right. I had hoped the R symbol was to reverse to L like another game does but that was just to restart. Will give better review when can actually play game. Not a fan of tilt steering, but forward/reverse on wrong side still anyway.
  • #6.Toy Truck Rally 3D - viewing is horrible, steering sucks horribly, uninstalling, this game needs major work. OVERALL I WOULD RATE IT -5 STARS!!!
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