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  • #1.Instagram - I have no problems with the new update. I like instagram cause I can see all the beautiful places, food etc. Can you please add an icon that indicates that the user follows you or not
  • #2.Instagram - i want the old one . it easy for me . the latest seem boring bcs it full of white . i really in love with ig . pls , is there way to change the theme/icon to the blue back ?
  • #3.Instagram - I love this app , and the update looks even more better ... Keep up the Good Work , Try updating more cool stuff ...
  • #4.Instagram - New update won't work I have the new button designs at bottom of imsts page but app logo is still the same on my home screen
  • #5.Instagram - Used to love the app but now the videos won't load the hole 15seconds, it only plays for about 2 to 5 seconds. I REALLY TEALLY HATE THIS IT TAKES AWAY ALL THE FUN OF USING THE APP. PLZ FIX THIS ASAP. OOH and its not cause of my phone or the network cause I've been having the same issue with an iphone5s and now with an galaxy s7. On wifi and my network.
  • #6.Instagram - It's awesome! I'm still trying to get the hang of it though but it seems a little bit more easier to understand! Thanks for making it easier to understand keep up the great work!
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