• #1.Instagram - I had to disable the app for just five minutes, then I enabled it again, updated it with the latest version, and now I'm back to the old blue and white version?! How is this even possible?! WHERE IS MY SUPER COOL BLACK AND WHITE VERSION? Help please.
  • #2.Instagram - I updated the app twice and only the icon changed, the UI remains the same. I'm using a samsung galaxy s6 duos
  • #3.Instagram - Im a big fan of insta and use it daily though the new theme is pretty dull and boring. Old one looked nicer. It would be nice if we had a few coloured themes to choose from. Anyways keep it up.
  • #4.Instagram - Loving the new interface, but the performance quiet bit disappointing. The app often force close by itself, my feed isn't on chronological order, and last update, I can't load images even when the internet connection is strong. Hope this issues will be fixed in the next updates. Thank you.
  • #5.Instagram - Doesn't work on my data plan like it used to. I can no longer load pictures! So basically making it useless.
  • #6.Instagram - Been using it for about a year now, i like it for sharing my memories. My only things are the constant scares for deleteing profiles and the new icon. The icon is pretty but i think over the years the original icon got so much publicity from other social media accounts that it was a surprise when it came out. I'm tired of so many accounts claiming they're instagram and will delete other pointless accounts. I'm afraid to loose my photos and specific instagram friends and have to start all over again.
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