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  • #1.Instagram - Its a good app but it keeps asking me for verifiaction and i cant like any posts or comments on any of them and i cant even comment fix it then ill give 5 stars
  • #2.Instagram - Like so many other people have said, it would be a good feature to allow me the optional of Most Recent vs Top Stories. You know, like that other huge social media platform. As it currently stands, though, the new update forced me into a survey about how I like my feed, then switched things around so I see day old posts before five minute old posts based upon non-specific questions. Probably cut down my use until that's fixed. If it's fixed.
  • #3.Instagram - For some reason I've been having trouble commenting? On one post it may say I can't comment for another day or so but if I try another it'll work? I don't say anything bad so it's confusing.
  • #4.Instagram - Since the update which included the new interface and logo, I've only managed to get the logo. 3 updates have gone by and my app interface is still the original colour scheme. I live in China, does this make a difference?
  • #5.Instagram - It's a great app and it's so easy to get lost in all the different pictures. However, I are this four stars because it will force close on my quite frequently. Other than that, I love it.
  • #6.Instagram - I like the new skin of instagram. But DUDE. You kept on deleting my photos then bring them back again! What's wrong?! Everytime i report this issue, you return my photos. Then after a few days, it'll be gone again! I made another account but this time, all of my followers and photos are gone. I put effort on my photos. I hope you'll do the same. I'm pissed off right now. Ever since you upgraded ig, this is what happens. Just fix it please.
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