• #1.Instagram - I like the new look it's got going on here. Still...when you folks FINALLY drop an update that lets us download pictures from Instagram - Facebook can do that, and I think Twitter u0026amp; Snapchat can as well - then you'll earn that coveted 5-star rating from me. :)
  • #2.Instagram - I have yet to have my problem solved as to why I can't follow anyone back it's making it seem like my account is blocked please fix
  • #3.Instagram - I absoloutley love instagram but recently it won't let me post my saved photos only ones that I have actually taken, and I don't know why but its really annoying
  • #4.Instagram - Instagram won't let me follow people what so ever has been happening for the past 4hrs. Not sure what's going on i really just want it fixed ha. Anyone know how to fix?
  • #5.Instagram - My instagram has already updated to the new version, ran on it for an hour then it went back to the old version.
  • #6.Instagram - I use this app more than anything else. Every now and then I have minor issues and they always get resolved. I upgraded phone so my photos crop more than they used to, but that's my only complaint. I love Instagram.
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