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  • #1.Knock Down - It doesn't work. All I get is a black screen with an ad on the bottom and music. Not at all surprised that the ad works fine. Uninstalling
  • #2.Knock Down - Everything is shown as a black block. The ball, the stuff you have to knock down and the level number. Just black blocks. Galaxy S 4G
  • #3.Knock Down - There should be reasonable level of toughness with limited chance to hit the target. If u know the angle to hit targets it would be ok but with limited chances, there should be reasonable angle or more chances allowed.
  • #4.Knock Down - This is just angry birds but not even good.the levels get really hard really fast CAUTION DO NOT Get this game
  • #5.Knock Down - I thought it would be fun but its just a copy of angry birds this game is stupid I'm uninstalling don't download!
  • #6.Knock Down - BEWARE: unless you can block ads, don't download. Devs like you are the reason I block ads and 1 star rate your app.
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