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  • #1.Knock Down - Ads wreck this game. Its great for my kids but after the ad the screen stays black. To annoying to play.
  • #2.Knock Down - This game was awful, I downloaded this thinking it would compare to angry birds but it does not! Whenever I went to the menu to start a new level all the letters and numbers had a big black box over them! Absolutely a big waste of time!
  • #3.Knock Down - seems like an interesting game but for some reason my tablet displays the moveable objects as black blocks instead of how they should appear.
  • #4.Knock Down - The game wont go well with the developer name innovation since this game is angry birds clone and no innovation in it but I apperciate ur hard work in this game and thats why the 2 stars but again another problem the physics in the game are kinda weird and annoying.
  • #5.Knock Down - I finished the game. And it was really hard.80 lives is good. If you hate it delete it. Worst game ever! Bla.bla.bla.
  • #6.Knock Down - But there should online play option.. And stages aren't much.. I cleared all stages within an hour.. Kindly update more stages..
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