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  • #1.SonyLIV -India Vs Australia 2018-19 Live Streaming - quite impressed with the list of indian tv serials. i think that this couldnt have been better than this.
  • #2.SonyLIV -India Vs Australia 2018-19 Live Streaming - i think voot should borrow some developers from sony to work on a few things, because it doesnt just work well, anyway, as far as i am concerned, sony is the only choice.
  • #3.SonyLIV -India Vs Australia 2018-19 Live Streaming - quite good. I was scathing in my criticism against apps taking on tv model, this intensified after the advent of voot. But using sony has like really toned me down. I am impressed.
  • #4.SonyLIV -India Vs Australia 2018-19 Live Streaming - Shows the message "Err... something went wrong. We were not able to play this video. Please try again." during live match and after this pop-up you need to restart again with disgusting ads killing your time and this happened repeatedly. Wi-Fi was working properly,with good signal strength. Very disgusting. Should have been a zero star if possible
  • #5.SonyLIV -India Vs Australia 2018-19 Live Streaming - Voot originals never pleased me. I always felt as if it was some obscure way of entertainment. This app is like ages ahead of others. So much into this small app.
  • #6.SonyLIV -India Vs Australia 2018-19 Live Streaming - I am running into a few issues, first i cant play Chromecast. although sony is excellent, but i wish you fix this, other than that you are hands down better than others like voot.
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