• #1.Instagram - Instsagram is by far my favorite app but there is one small problem. The group chats. You can only have 16 people in a chat. My class has a group chat but now that more people got instsgram we can't add everyone. Please let us make chats with at least 20-25 people.
  • #2.Instagram - I'm still having the old layout. I bet the folks in Instagram didn't know how to release the update to its users.
  • #3.Instagram - Like so many other people have said, it would be a good feature to allow me the optional of Most Recent vs Top Stories. You know, like that other huge social media platform. As it currently stands, though, the new update forced me into a survey about how I like my feed, then switched things around so I see day old posts before five minute old posts based upon non-specific questions. Probably cut down my use until that's fixed. If it's fixed.
  • #4.Instagram - Have not been able to login for well over a week, crashed, then freezing screen, now can't login at all. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling app, but still app is not working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (which I love). My internet is fine and all my other apps work. I enjoy using Instagram when it's working. Was working perfectly before. Would rate it a five star, if it worked. : ( @Dreamtraveler247 Update: Working fine now. Love it! : )
  • #5.Instagram - Its aesthetics and design are so boring and elemental. Lacks grace. I also want a registry of the posts I have liked.
  • #6.Instagram - Ever since the update, my account has been having problems, a lot of times it will just exit the app and then when I try to open it, it makes me log in again. The only problem with that is the fact that every time that I log in it suddenly says "Cannot Refresh Feed" even though it is already refreshed. After showing me that it then takes me back to login and starts the whole fiasco all over again.
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