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  • #1.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - The site is highly misleading and most promotional offers are a humbug. I personally lost Rs.10.5 K because of failed transactions and no fault of mine.
  • #2.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Its not a huge value add over the website, and am bombarded with notifications. You need to understand, people have tons of apps, and if they're going off all the time, it will be chaos. The user HAS to have the ability to select notifications, including turn them all off.
  • #3.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Did not even send me confirmation mail even after taking down all the details u0026amp; my money being deducted from my account, which left me with confusion after a while I just receive a short text which is extremely doubtful again ...need improvement as customers are trusting you with their hard earned money
  • #4.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - I have availed the Discounts on Hotel Bookings using the app. I believe Make My Trip offers the best Deals over any other competitors.
  • #5.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Very handy app, quick selections with good offers.. Lovin it :)..... Okay 1 star for not having FpH deals in App ...
  • #6.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - I believe that you should respect the users choice instead of forcing your app on me. The reason I do not install you app is because I do not have enough memory. I should be able to search on my mobile Firefox without being forced to install the app. The user experience on app is better but I don't want your app.
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