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  • #1.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - If you cancelled any trip they didn't given a money back. For booking any bus services in that they not given a proper response. So don't book any tickets then you definitely get disappointment. They'll not accept their fault. So don't waste time to book the tickets for make my trip
  • #2.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - I would be more than happy if the prices shown in the results page are the maximum reduced price (after applying available coupon code). Ibibo has this feature and it's easy to compare when you are searching for a budget hotel or flight. Other than that everything is perfect !!
  • #3.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Sorry, I can't review more right now, because I have read out many reviews just now u0026amp; got unfair reviews from rest of the users so at first, I'll try, if I got better then will review more better
  • #4.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Felt cheated when no room was made available on reaching the hotel.we paid the money and got sranded.cancellation meant no refund as per policy.
  • #5.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - It doesn't show lowest fare for the next or previous weeks/day as it does in a pc. Please fix that for a 5 star .
  • #6.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Why makemytrip wants to know my contact details, location, phone, camera etc. Are they selling our data.
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