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  • #1.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Make my trip is a fraud application i booked 9 time hotel from this site bt i got cash back only once. Instead they mentioned that they will transfer some part of my cash back with in 10 days in my acc but i got only baba ji ka thulu.i suggest all people who r using hotel bookng aap use go ibibo.its a very easy n usefull app.
  • #2.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Make my trip just got my vote above expedia and all other booking apps. This company is truely reliable, in case of money or any type of discounts and all. This app serves the best... I must recommend to all the travelers out there.
  • #3.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Very user friendly app.... One can have the booking in just few minutes that to with the best price....
  • #4.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - One of the worst experience I had to book my railway ticket. They took money and didn't book my tickets u0026amp; gave stupid excuse of technical problem. They NEVER refund money u0026amp; their customer service is one dreadful I have ever come across. Suggest you to not trust this SCAMSTER.
  • #5.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - I booked a vacation package for rs 53000 and paid full amount 2 month in advance and the same vacation package is getting now for rs 45000. And when you visit their branch they will never give proper reply. Beaware of their lucrative offers there are many hidden terms and conditions
  • #6.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking - Your mobile site literally "Forced" me into downloading and installing the app. You guys think you are some kind of monopoly or what ??? What else can explain "Purposefully Annoying your user to download this disgusting app" ?? I have finally downloaded the app.I am sure that makes you feel good now.
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