• #1.Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G - I don't like this type of app instead of mCent but this app was totally great I used 40mb on Wynk music. And I get 40mb data back.Thanks for making this in such a wonderful Way.
  • #2.Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G - In an offer of Google chrome it showed me that I will also get data refund on WiFi but I did not got 10 mb but I have used 5 mb data on my photon max Wi-Fi but did not got please help me.I would rate it 5 star if my problem gets solved.
  • #3.Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G - Tame a app download kartaj tamane 3g/4g 10 mb apese ane pachi tame tema rahela app download karo to tamane vadhare mb ape se.
  • #4.Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G - There is a option to download app and use it to earn data. I request that you guys please include game clash of clan in that list please take that game also.
  • #5.Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G - I have installed it three times it still says something went wrong while verifying....robbers.... Die...
  • #6.Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G - After starting the app,it show-SOMETHING WENT WRONG please try after some time,I HAVE 1.11GB DATA IN MY A/C AT A TYM OF recharge THE TRANSACTION WAS CANCEL AND MY A/C WAS CLOSE,IT SHOWS SOMETHING WENT WRONG
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