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  • #1.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Full of bugs glitches especially when trying to load next/new page, dont matter what phone you got. Been trying to get it to update for past 20mins u0026amp; its still doing nothing except waste my MB/credit. 7-5-16 (wk later) Finally got it to update... WHAT ad blocker? Msg said ad blocker disabled as soon as I reopened app.
  • #2.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Does this have a switch which I can activate so that I can enable a slideshow on the web page? Do I need to use a different Browser for that?
  • #3.Opera Mini - fast web browser - I got this because for some reason after updating my os on my phone the "Internet" app started massacring my data. I swapped to using opera mini and it saves me approx 80% more data. I highly recommend this for anybody needing to save data but still wanting to browse.
  • #4.Opera Mini - fast web browser - I wish I could watch YouTube videos in this! If you put that feature in it, then this would be the best mini browser ever.
  • #5.Opera Mini - fast web browser - this app is good because it gives you exactly what you need but it somehow confused my fones functionality. it froze and could not download
  • #6.Opera Mini - fast web browser - This is the one of the best mobile browser. I have been using it for a while and it is lightweight and saves data. Some websites do not load properly and in Google search button appear very small. Please fix this issue.
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