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  • #1.Amazon India Shopping - amazon is not delivering products with prices of more than 7000 to some locations. Had to purchase them from SnapDeal. So bye bye to amazon.
  • #2.Amazon India Shopping - It's very hard to explain for that kind of huge online store, but area coverage by Amazon is poor. It's very uncomfortable. And also the "app" is sucks, desktop version is far reliable.
  • #3.Amazon India Shopping - Shopping experience with amazon. in is pathetic for me. Very poor service from you guyz. Never ever gonna shop from you guyz.
  • #4.Amazon India Shopping - I love to shop with Amazon app. It is simply the best online store. Easy to order and track your stuff. Easy returns and refunds.
  • #5.Amazon India Shopping - I v registered redmi note 3 11 may and 18 may with cash on delivery both but at last moment they didnt provide me OTP .I v checked 20 differnt numbers bt they didnt give m otp.finally I lost the chance.if redmi had available on flipcart, I would have my in amazon it is nt possible .and now I m looking for another phones in differnt sites bt nt in amazon
  • #6.Amazon India Shopping - Every since the new update, whenever I try to go to Amazon US, it opens a mobile website? Why can't I open it from within the App like earlier? It's inconvenient and silly. Please fix it.
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