• #1.MX Player - The ac3 sounds not support in my moto x play tell me what is the reason and how can i resolve i have downloaded all codec but still not eorking please resolve this problem.
  • #2.MX Player - It was my go to media player, but after marshmallow update, there have been just too many issues. The app constantly crashes.
  • #3.MX Player - Somehow my daughter put our movie in slow motion by touching the screen and I could not get it off so I had to re-install it
  • #4.MX Player - Because all new content on Showbox can only be viewed using MX player, I am forced to download this player. Chromecast is not supported by it, which means I have to cast the entire phone in order to view content. I hate this app, but it's the only way to view content. I wish I could give it a lower rating...
  • #5.MX Player - I'm using moto x style or pure edition running on android 6.0..The screen rather dims while increasing the brightness beyond 13 notches..and the mx player vanishes if i happen to restart my device, this is because the app has been stored in my mmc instead of flash other app bugs me with the similar issue so plz u may wanna fix this..
  • #6.MX Player - Best video player! Dev please tell me how to change the player background from grey to balck? Thank you very much!
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