• #1.MX Player - You want to add some new features like to capture a shot while playing the video. I think then it will be a perfect app to experience the video in mx player
  • #2.MX Player - I get error message when I try to open it saying ' not compatible with this version of Android... My android version is 6
  • #3.MX Player - But not fix the AC3 video playing......, the all users inform that the problem of AC3 video not working in MX player but no changes....,
  • #4.MX Player - When I try to download subtitles online it shows me the subtitles available but when I try downloading it says No internet connection although the internet connection is working perfectly. I had to download them manually.
  • #5.MX Player - Fantastic experience, since the app came into the apps market..!! After since, my phone updated its not working as it was working till now..
  • #6.MX Player - Please check some features from LG G4 video player, it has all your features and some really handy ones that makes MX old.
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