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  • #1.MX Player - If player is used to play music videos in background u0026amp; if user locks the phone then while unlocking the phone's screen goes blank for some clicks u0026amp; shows the screen only after 5 -6 attempts..!! Please fix this issue for Moto G3..!!
  • #2.MX Player - Its working great but it is having the(Audio ac3 not supported) problem..in some of the videos. Please fix this problem.
  • #3.MX Player - Clean. Fast. Innovative interface. Supports everything. Love it. Only wish it could do Chromecast. Took me a while to figure out how to adjust playback speed: on the right side of the screen, slide two fingers up/down. Without a doubt the best video player on Android.
  • #4.MX Player - If I put 15 % bright the screen will be appear like 1% so please fix that problem if it had no problem I may give five stars
  • #5.MX Player - Plays anything and everything Ive thrown at it, even when others would not! One question for the developers is that apparently this player does not play .ac3 audio files? It tells me that then plays without sound? Other players play the .ac3 fine.
  • #6.MX Player - Facing problem. After 6.0.1 update video brightness can't be adjusted. Don't know when they will fix the problem .
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