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  • #1.My Talking Angela - When I got the game my cousins told me to delete it they said there's a hacker when u download the game ur information will go to that hacker and will now ur address and ur siblings and ur mom or dad please dont get this if u look up is talking Angela hacked and it will come up then go to images then look at the eyes u will see it don't get it do it for ur safety
  • #2.My Talking Angela - Morris my talking camera it's hard to see in her eyes it's just that I love her a lot butt do you heard that she has a camera in her eye because someone is spying through her eyes so I'm so scared...
  • #3.My Talking Angela - The only problem I wasted 7$ on the game just for diamonds make it more cheap but is there still a man in her eyes
  • #4.My Talking Angela - I love my talking angela cause you get to watch her grow up and her wardrobe changes and you get to dress her up and she grows up into an adult I love it
  • #5.My Talking Angela - It's so funny cause she copy's what u say like I was singing a song and she was to she is so cute and funny
  • #6.My Talking Angela - Hello ! I don't like this update of getting other gifts other than diamonds :( who needs different foods or cards or whatever ! We need diamonds .. We can buy other things with coins but not diamonds by watching a video i want that only diamonds should be given on watching video plz plz plz
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