• #1.My Talking Tom - I really like this game, but in my old phone i had level 50 and why i can't connect through my facebook anymore?
  • #2.My Talking Tom - I can't delete it and it keeps on coming up with "I'm the one for you" if someone can help please do
  • #3.My Talking Tom - Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun! My Tom has now white fur,blue eyes,golden eyes,silver eyes,aloha outfit,yellow mohawk,jumpsuit,red zorro mask,pijama,lazy sunday outfit,hypnotic glasses and afro hair. I am at level 43 and I have 12 coins but i want to have 1000,000 coins. After 2 days i will go to Istanbul and i will go to movenpick hotel with my parents, maby I can play there as well. My tom's name is Dugaf. My flag has to be Canadian. I start changing my tom in level 15. The videos are great and in that video my character is Hank, 2nd is Tom, 3rd is Ben, and the last is Ginger. But not Angela. Definatlie not Angela.
  • #4.My Talking Tom - My kids love this game they will not stop playing it!!! Thx to you they will not have to #### my phone!
  • #5.My Talking Tom - I love all toms games and good target to achieve the coins. Also tom age group is attached with real groups. Try it all....
  • #6.My Talking Tom - I don't like it........ I love it love it love it ........It has changed a lot and I've also loved it in the past PLZ download... fun fun fun
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