• #1.Talking Tom Cat - I have twice now tried completing offers to unlock the rest of the app like it said i could. Twice now i have done exactly what the offers said and twice now i have failed to have the rest of the app unlocked. What gives? I would have given this app 5 stars if it weren't for this issue
  • #2.Talking Tom Cat - After the last update I am missing my favourite Talking Tom. So, I have uninstalled it. Please bring back the appearance of our favourite Tom.
  • #3.Talking Tom Cat - Talking Tom is quite entertaining and help pass the time what can I say while I'm waiting for doctors .
  • #4.Talking Tom Cat - It's useless When I reinstall this app there was going some problems almost apps in this not coming can u pls fix this
  • #5.Talking Tom Cat - all my talking tom,talking tom this very good game for kides ya every one download this game ok bye thank god
  • #6.Talking Tom Cat - I hate Talking Tom because when you pick scratch it becomes real then Tom scratched me. Nobody should play this game. It's only funny to babies. You need to dealet this game when you play on it. THIS ISN'T THE REAL ONE DEALET THIS GAME! Do you wanna die? Then DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!!! Please fix this if you play this you will die. Because when Ahsta played this game he died. SO UNSTALL THIS GAME!
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