• #1.Need for Speed™ No Limits - It's amazing game but have some bugs (slowly opening _ onlion) please help me to make it faster thanks
  • #2.Need for Speed™ No Limits - I would give it a 5star rating but the biggest flaw is the fact that you can't play it without an Internet connection...THAT SUX LOL
  • #3.Need for Speed™ No Limits - The game is really good love the graphics.. but it lags which is annoying at times. Leaving get out this the game is amazing
  • #4.Need for Speed™ No Limits - Unfair tournament system, that even you've spend 240 gold to buy ticket, but still you can't get 25th positions or above...
  • #5.Need for Speed™ No Limits - Game is as good as can be for a non-online game. The customization could be better. The new Chop Shop was a good idea but everything is too expensive. Updates sometimes make the game lag but overall a good game.
  • #6.Need for Speed™ No Limits - I would like to sell Un used cars in chop shop and visual points too. I got lots of visual points with no use. Please make an option to sell it in chop shop
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