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  • #1.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Awesome app. The lack of fast interconnectivity makes it a bit out of sync. Sadly the batch processing makes things slow here. There is an need of real time response and decisioning system that can understand customer Analytics and ease the process end to end staff front end to approvals and the activation services. Hopefully you pick up some automations with real-time/almost real time processing for campaign management ..offer channeling.. And back office automation. Cheers good job!!!
  • #2.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Isn't there an option to update the app later?? Just for a quick recharge, I had to wait for the whole damned process to get this updated and then proceeded for recharge. Really annoying!!
  • #3.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Can not avail about plan . I have activate per second plan and it shows per minute . I used 1% of data and it show 85 % .
  • #4.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Internet, Voice and others plans are not mentioned in details and no extra screen or window to see the complete plan details before activating and thus by just seeing the short info provokes to go for it and fall in trap.
  • #5.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - I love this app ...a very gud app for easy access ...and complaints are also solved very quickly ...I luv it but some features are missing such as getting full account details like in other apps
  • #6.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - I would love, if you guys add different post paid plans to browse and option to change plan in the app only.
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