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  • #1.Flipkart Online Shopping App - There was an option of selecting the products by their brand,price....etc. which after updating does not exist
  • #2.Flipkart Online Shopping App - I don't understand why none of The image are getting open on the app . This same problem is on site also. I've used the app with mobile data and wifi both, but also after waiting for many minutes the image of the product or any image is not getting open. Its totally blank even when whe specifically click on the image to open in full screen. Please flipkart solve this problem asap beacuse this problem is pertaining from march !
  • #3.Flipkart Online Shopping App - Products photos are not showing,and just wasting internet pack,and taking long time for product search,previous version was fantastic,I'm feeling why did I gave update to flipkart
  • #4.Flipkart Online Shopping App - Hey flipkart, i m not able to order any products. It runs till place order than it stops. Sort out this problem as early as possible. I have to make order.
  • #5.Flipkart Online Shopping App - The worst site and app. My last shopping experience with them ,Amazon and snapdeal are much better than this FRAUD. They will provide you with exchange benefits but then as soon as you choose your device and enter the IMEI NUMBER it will not get verified.If you complaint on their customer care number they ask for time escalate the issue to the next and the technical team removes your phone from the exchange list and asks you to choose some other phone from list and enter the IMEI number of your phone.
  • #6.Flipkart Online Shopping App - It is showing unfortunately it has stopped again and again even i have updated the application .. seriously hell. Unable to buy anythng
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