• #1.Ola cabs - Book taxi in India - If you want to charge 10 rs per km then DON'T ADVERTISE 6. The Indian people aren't fools any more....dont go for this guys they are flat out cheats
  • #2.Ola cabs - Book taxi in India - Booked the cab for the first time received cab details 15mins before the commencement of my journey ,tried calling the cab driver many times (no response) after 30mins I received a message stating Thankyou for using ola your bill amount is rs33 Thank god I didn't miss my train...
  • #3.Ola cabs - Book taxi in India - such a useless cab services. i dont even want to give them any star. i booked a ola prime for a 7 am pickup for my relatives and he showed up 10 min early to the destination and told me that he will leave because we werent there. even though it wasnt my fault i requested him to stay 10 min more and he said ok . when we went in the parking lot and called him he never picked up my phone and then later i got a msg that my ola ride is cancelled becuase i wasnt there on time. OLA CABS ARE THE WORST.EVEN TABS ARE BETTER THAN OLA.AGAIN OLA IS THE WORST CAB EVER AND PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME IN THESE USELESS CAB
  • #4.Ola cabs - Book taxi in India - Inefficient drivers. They refuse point blank on your face for long distance rides at 12 am. What's the use of having cheap fares when the drivers behave like this?!
  • #5.Ola cabs - Book taxi in India - Your drivers in Aligarh work not very sincerely.They always come late. They don't come in time.They book their cab by mobile calls not by app.
  • #6.Ola cabs - Book taxi in India - rate wise and network is good, service and customer satisfaction is very poor as they are I the busiest cab services in India .I missed my flight twice as they simply sent a message saying no cab available at 4 am
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