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  • #1.Firefox Browser fast & private - I've been using FF forever on my PC, so using it via cell phone is a bit weird, but it's still the best around.
  • #2.Firefox Browser fast & private - Fast, reliable and the fact that I can sync tabs between my phone and my PC makes it almost perfect. Only mod I would like is if it had a true full screen like Opera Mini u0026amp; Samsung Browser for Android does, ie get rid of the top notification bar.
  • #3.Firefox Browser fast & private - With 1.2gb of free ram while using the browser it runs smoothly on my device. It has a AD Block Plus Extension just like desktop browser. Great. Works just like desktop. I don't use chrome anymore.
  • #4.Firefox Browser fast & private - It would be nice if firefox actually track outdated versions and force updates as chrome does. In all other aspects it is much better then anything else we have so far
  • #5.Firefox Browser fast & private - A little bit slower than dolphin browser, but it is my preferred browser on both PC and Android. Well done!
  • #6.Firefox Browser fast & private - Just a great browser overall, especially because I can sync my stuff with my Arch Linux machine. And fully open-source, to boot
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