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  • #1.Opera Mini - fast web browser - I can open the files but still there are problems.. The emojis while using Facebook are coming black in color ? Why its should be normal
  • #2.Opera Mini - fast web browser - This version of Opera mini is Excellent. It has a better look amazing Ad-block feature and very fast
  • #3.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Is there a way to retain all my tabs when shutting down Opera with the built in shutdown button ? Upon relaunch I'd like to have all my previous tabs available.... Thanks... Great browser :)
  • #4.Opera Mini - fast web browser - It saves data. It's faster. My personal view, it will be more helpful if user can change "offline saved pages" position UP or DOWN by choice.
  • #5.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Opera Mini has always been a great app making tiny strides most of the time but this latest update is really great, bringing some more needed features like ability to copy links without opening them first and general polish. The tab switching design is now a lot more usable and very practical than before. I still think night mode will be great and ability to share a link directly without first copying it or opening the target location. Keep up the good work.
  • #6.Opera Mini - fast web browser - The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars was the lack of ad blocking. Thanks to the newest newest update, along with the "turbo" data savings feature, and it's small footprint (about 42mB plus cache) this is probably the best mobile phone web browser at the moment. The data saved with these features is astonishing and is perfect for lower capped data plans or speeds. While it fits lacks the customizability of other browsers, it has everything I need and more, right out of the box.
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