• #1.Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - Plz don't update. After the update the game has changed, the features are good but I can't play it because the target is hanging and even in wifi connection it shows server lost. Plz fix the problem. It is the problem of all the user's not mine only
  • #2.Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - Best game add more you check your profile what's the Max health and also you can upgrade your health 100 to 500 health from the is 100 make sure the online is OK pro vs noon don't do that.that would be unfair pro to pro or noob to noob done I give you my ideal make you add please it will be more better and put 10 player please add
  • #3.Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - I cann't leave without this game....i love it thank u so much all of militia members for this third love
  • #4.Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - Can't play in custom room, it crashes everytime after i select the server and try to host. Dont fool people by bringing such updates.
  • #5.Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - I was just wondering why don't i have a robot avatar. But when i play i see other players using it...
  • #6.Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - everything is good about this game ,You know there's a way to go outside of catacombs Need to fix it
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