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  • #1.Opera Mini - fast web browser - 1. I am not able to select the folders in external sd card for download, i am able to select only the folders in phone memory.the documents are getting saved in phone memory.in earlier versions i am able to save documents in external sd card. 2.When i share the downloaded in whatsapp or hike, the document title is showing different like com.opera.xyz instead of actual document title (for example May Month Report.doc).so kindly provide updates for above issues
  • #2.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Wish to include the title description in the sharing option. Currently only the web address is included.
  • #3.Opera Mini - fast web browser - tested against Qualys ssllabs browser auditing on May 21, 2016. Browser uses modern Ciphers and Protocols. No Issues. No Vulnerabilities.?? Interesting: In WIFI Data Savings Mode, No OCSP Stapling and no Session Tickets are supported. Obscure Behaviour during Tests.(Site sees a "Firewall" then).
  • #4.Opera Mini - fast web browser - I already update the lastest one..When I out of quota...the page that I wanna visit can't... I better like the old version one cauze when I out of quota it still can online with visit any websites
  • #5.Opera Mini - fast web browser - It has a nice look and I love it. Only that am unable to save my pages so am forced to use the older version. Please update this
  • #6.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Im using Opera mini since Nokia S40, its the most impotant app to me , Why Opera Mini Doesn't support Arabic language in " search on page bar " in android ? and why the last version slow ?
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