• #1.Angry Birds 2 - Awesome it is .would have been good if it didn't require Internet .would have been even cool if rovio used the same animation style for all the other versions (space, star wars etc ).
  • #2.Angry Birds 2 - Cannot play daily challenge, arena (wasted two tries) or level without abend. I had ust pobied up for the eagle special. Fix please! after fix will be a 5 star rating again.
  • #3.Angry Birds 2 - This game looks and play amazingly on ZTE/Vvodafone smart ultra 6. Only downside is the life system but this is pretty standard for f2p games
  • #4.Angry Birds 2 - This game is by far the best angry birds, but on the line for most fun I've had on a mobile game. I often find myself on the edge of my seat laughing, cheering, yelling, and eventually crying (not literally) as I fight my way through the new angry birds universe. Only thing I can suggest, is to add a level creator and allow people to publish/locally share their custom levels for others to play.
  • #5.Angry Birds 2 - I downloaded it and played the first 4 levels and liked it but when I started playing the 5th level it was going nice but when I reach the second room and shoot a bird it stops at a position which allows me to only gaze at the chef pig. It happens everytime.
  • #6.Angry Birds 2 - Rovio I love your games and your movie and over 500 levels and will work offline best angry birds game ever
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