• #1.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - I honestly really love PicsArt. I use it all the time. However, I've started to face an issue that makes me want to cry: my drafts are disappearing. I worked so hard on a drawing and go to save it and okay, it's there. Come back to the app later to finish it and it's gone! I've tried to redraw it thrice and it vanishes every time. I'd give the app five stars if the issue was fixed. It's giving me so much trouble I'm actually deducting two stars. Please help!
  • #2.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - I do love the app .. what Photoshop is for Laptop and Pcs .. PicsArt is for Mobile .. but guys u really really really need to work on quality yaa .. it damages the quality of a pic man .. and thats too irritating for HD freak person like me .. recently i tried adding little little pics on a HeartInHeart downloaded pic .. gosh its so so annoying
  • #3.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - La mejor App que he usado por mas de #3 anos consecutivos , explotando al Maximo "Mi Creatividad" en Edicion + mas. #PicsArt u0026amp;lt;3 , GRACIAS por Existir ! Sigan mejorando ;D
  • #4.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - Good app would like an option to pixelate faces if there is one I can't find it. Would be 4 stars if I could pixelate faces would be 5 with more effects added.
  • #5.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - Its too easy to use and this features are awsm... Picsart is the only 1 photo editor who make happy i love this app....
  • #6.PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor - Iam so impressed by the response of the developers! You guys actually removed the ads hah without even making us pay for it so glad the ads are no more u0026amp; this app is perfect now everything works buttery smooth it just keeps getting better so many improvements gawd in love with the new picsart...and the utility well everyone already knows picsart is the best guys thankyou
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