• #1.PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro - I think the app needs a quick testing. Its very slow and keeps crashing.however the frames are nice.
  • #2.PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro - Sometimes i download the pip style but after a few minutes it become undownloaded otherwise it is a great app
  • #3.PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro - This app has great potential. But is spoilt by the way the advertisments are intermingled with the actual app. Several times i selected what was an option only to be forwarded to the play srore to download something else. As for the front ad. That's just bordering on insane. The little add bar along the bottom of the screen as other Apps have are suitable. Not in your face. This has now been emptied into the trash .....
  • #4.PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro - Amazing. Just amazing. There has many varities of pictures that can be chosen and great for family pics.
  • #5.PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro - Love love love this app. To the artists and those seeking to give a special touch to their photos download this app! Also, it is quite easy to use.
  • #6.PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro - Love this photo editor it does absolutely everything... from just editing photos to cool designs!!!! Would recommend to any photo fanatic!!!
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