• #1.Plants vs. Zombies FREE - Game is good, but it is not starting on my mobile now. Earlier it was working fine. Please resolve this
  • #2.Plants vs. Zombies FREE - Dude good graphics and challenging also very addictive like best game ever!Well rate my review helpful or what!!!!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
  • #3.Plants vs. Zombies FREE - Ever since I showed it to my cosins they kept it usually the games I play are stoopid but theynkept playing this for 2 years now
  • #4.Plants vs. Zombies FREE - I have played this game in my brothers PC during my childhood. It's wonderful to have it back in my own mobile. I loved it.
  • #5.Plants vs. Zombies FREE - This is a game that I have always played and loved ever since it first came out on computer and now it's free on Google play!
  • #6.Plants vs. Zombies FREE - I loved the game but I saw this game and it was free but when I came onto play store just now, it was paid for. Are they two different games?
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