• #1.Shadow Fight 2 - I hate the controls of this game. Its so small even if its the max. Size. Its not easy to play it in a small controller with a big thumb. Are there any swipe controls so that its more easy, just like vector.
  • #2.Shadow Fight 2 - Better than 90% of games on here. Can be played without purchase. Plays better without internet on (no ads). Would get higher rating if it did not turn up volume when phone is muted and require an update so frequently (it stops working until you update)
  • #3.Shadow Fight 2 - Keeps on crashing while I'm playing it. It crashes when it's round 2 or I do a combo move. Please fix this ASAP and I'll rate it 5 star again. Thanks in advance.
  • #4.Shadow Fight 2 - Really raid mode is boring after playing 40-50 times I get bored of this. Same kind of daemons we have to defeat all the time. Why don't you nekki try in your next update in which players can fight with each other and this will be the best . It will be more interesting and cool. So hope will listen to us!!
  • #5.Shadow Fight 2 - The fightings are superb and backgrounds and background music is excellent but why did you keep some time for the upgrades and energy but really the game is super and slow motion for the last shot is also attractive please try to remove that energy and upgrade times
  • #6.Shadow Fight 2 - I love the game. I am currently on widow. I don't know if it is only on widow or other people have been experiencing it, but everytime me or and opponent use magic it shows the animation but not the actual magic itself and crashes the game. But everything has been working fine so far, this is the only major problem I had with the game
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