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  • #1.Temple Run 2 - bcz it have more options. so I think,This game same my feeling u0026amp; MMMMMy thinking
  • #2.Temple Run 2 - This game is awesome!!! But Wth! My game data always gets cleaned itself. I dont know why? Whenever I start playing I get to play from the start. Please help me with this Imangi studios.......
  • #3.Temple Run 2 - You please download this otherwise I will tell to your mom. New version is coming of TEMPLE RUN 2 that is Blazing Sands.
  • #4.Temple Run 2 - On my new phone i do not have Usian bolt. I purchased him on my old smartphone. I can not even click purchase again because nothing happens
  • #5.Temple Run 2 - Its just so awesome and the way you get prizes is like
  • #6.Temple Run 2 - Its good but frozen shadow stage is not open i have download it so please make change that frozen shadow should unlocked
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