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  • #1.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 - Liked the game.. could have been 5-star had they given some fine tuning to it like score details of individuals team selection etc... over all good game
  • #2.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 - I reached champions trophy 2 round 7 match i won match but it started again 2 round 1 match. Not open last trophy
  • #3.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 - I lol this game because the shots are superb and I like this game please download it and give it 5 STARS.
  • #4.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 - We can't see the ball where it pitched. You have to go for blind to hit a shot. Bcz, its varied to much.. Even Sachin can't expect. Shot option buttons not comfortable for touch screen. I didn't dare to bowl.
  • #5.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 - Stupid and dumb game where sometimes u cannot see d pitch of the ball and dats y u get out and if ur winning suddenly the bowlers take 3 wickets some shots which are of six are caught total rubbish game
  • #6.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 - It doesn't matter how timely shots you play.. If system has decided to take wicket, you will be out.. You can't even play defensive shots.. Waste of time.. Shots button won't respond if you need them, making it more annoying..
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