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  • #1.Firefox Browser fast & private - Great Browser. Love how it is customizable for those of us who want added privacy, as Google Chrome trackers are annoying and intrusive.. My favoite things is that is contains Add-on extensions the same as the PC version. Keep up the good work Mozilla!
  • #2.Firefox Browser fast & private - The Firefox I know and love and all the customisation I use on my computers here on my phone as well. FIREFOX ROX!!!!!!!??
  • #3.Firefox Browser fast & private - Compared to Chrome the search options are weak. When I do web searches I very often filter by time (e.g., just the last week or the last year). I can do this in Chrome, but not Firefox. This greatly reduces Firefox's usefulness to me.
  • #4.Firefox Browser fast & private - Uc and Habit still better but it's only because of the speed is not very good and the browser shake a bit, improve your ui or just change it completely, never lose add ons like adblock and keep playing in background video great, improve cast for all videos. Imagine quality of browser very poor.. It's really hard to enjoy the browser has none of your adblock plugins work, create one that actually does the job completely. Also not able to cut and paste and more words around in the browser
  • #5.Firefox Browser fast & private - Best and fastest internet browser I ever met. I'm using firefox browser for both on my laptop and on my android phone. Others come and join.
  • #6.Firefox Browser fast & private - Very slow and non responsive browser for mobile and crashes often whereas your desktop browser is excellent.
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