• #1.Racing in Car - But needs to be a little more realistic add some curves and allow the other cars to change lanes and hit their breaks, that way it's more of a challenge
  • #2.Racing in Car - 4 STARS Review if there are option to get rid of the annoying Ads, more cars and more maps, and also curvy roads of course; and 5 STARS Review if the additional effects available such as night mode, rain, and muddy/slippery roads, crossing cars and creatures like pedestrian or dog, etc., and two-ways street mode with its opponent cars is available to make driving harder, more tricky, more challenging, and more realistic. So, please give me a chance to rate it 5. Thank You anyway.
  • #3.Racing in Car - Love the game it's so good it does even waste your time it's so addicting and I figured I just downloaded because it's fun when you can pass your time through it that's all
  • #4.Racing in Car - Need to add control sensitivity so that I can give u ***** . and everything is great
  • #5.Racing in Car - This is brilliant the calibration is awesome , graphics perfect its a master peace great job guys lovable
  • #6.Racing in Car - Just saying this so people will read it . This game takes along time to get coins and gets boring after awile
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