• #1.Rail Rush - Nuggets collected gets automatically deducted in subsequent games without even making any purchase. Seems like a glitch in the software if not done on purpose by the game makers.
  • #2.Rail Rush - Man so addictice! I played on co puter and now on tablet! But wont let me instail fiix pls. I hope so....
  • #3.Rail Rush - I love it because you can change your character and I like when you collect the coins and love the amation
  • #4.Rail Rush - This is so fun and challenging, I like how Rail Rush is available both on phone and computer. Now I just wish that I could beat my high score :3
  • #5.Rail Rush - Overall very good game with awesome tracks and sounds but the only problem is its very costly you have to purchase five levels only one best deal is avaiable..
  • #6.Rail Rush - Dis game was the best ever played but the bad thing is why has the mission ended.... It should have billion of mission and that would be fun
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