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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for rail rush worlds 2 game. • ABOUT THE GAME • Get ready for this epic adventure! Step into your cart and begin this exploring frenzy! Accelerate through these insanely fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoid the obstacles. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to rail rush worlds 2 game.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.Rail Rush - I have think that this game beat the "subway surfers"- but NO !!! sometimes, while you a playing, the game stops and then restarts and you progress is lost i have just unistalled it (when you play, you finish a mission (jump 30 times for example) and the game ends, and then after restarting all is in the begining - this is not normal) sorry for may engligh, try to make a game that does not stops I have tried it on many devices - all is the same
  • #2.Rail Rush - I'd say Rail Rush is fun but what really brothers me is this Kelli B said she afraid of Horror Land in the game called Rail Rush
  • #3.Rail Rush - It's totally different from other games.We need three trial passes to enter a new world.It goes in different places through rails. We need to collect rock eggs and complete the missions given.It is worth downloading this game.
  • #4.Rail Rush - This game is super game I have played all level.And they gave the trail pass to play unlock games. And we collect nuggets in this game.And they give special gift for us for well played.And they gave shop to buy heroes and other thing.you must have to play this game this is true words I tell you. Sure you want to download this game. You want to play this game.
  • #5.Rail Rush - If u downloding any any game so u have tall that game was good or nice who was see this and u giving 1or 2 so u change plz
  • #6.Rail Rush - It's a really fun game but if you don't have phone credit you wont get past the first mine. And also you can't buy characters
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