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  • #1.3D Tennis - I have won all the games, I have upgraded everything I can, I have more than $11,000,000 - what do I do now? There needs to be more of a challenge to this so you can upgrade your overall world ranking as you go along. Or make the tournaments more expensive to enter. Or as you go along make the opponents more difficult - make it harder to upgrade your equipment. It's truly a great game but frankly, it's too easy and I've come to the end now. Where do I go from here?
  • #2.3D Tennis - I love it but only one problem is there that the graphics is not that good but still 5 stars from my side
  • #3.3D Tennis - What is missing is more things to buy to improve players skills. Also, you should not be able to play one tourment twice within leys say, the season. It would be good to see history of games and player stats. That would be almost perfect game.
  • #4.3D Tennis - Excellent wicked...player movement great...choice of surfaces and tornement or quick games wonderful.....shot choices well timed and responsive ...would love to see a practice section and a few more shot choices available. ..entertaining and most playable.
  • #5.3D Tennis - Tournament prize is not given as they shown.. They show the tournament prize is 19.80.000 and the entry fee is 6.00000 something and if u won they just give u 6.70000 etc...real cheater
  • #6.3D Tennis - Though I liked the game, it feels pretty easy and throws no challenge at all. Please add an option to select difficulty in settings as well. Also, absence of doubles match, loft shots are boring too. This is the only Tennis Game I liked after Virtua tennis. The footprint is amazingly low for a good game like this!
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