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  • #1.Snapchat - When i snap a video and send to my friend or my story, it was broken and i can't see the good picture in my video. After upgrade the app, i try to snap a video but the video was upside down when i view my story
  • #2.Snapchat - I can't take videos anymore, it just says "video failed to record". I also can't view videos anymore. When I try the screen goes all black and stays like that until I exit out of it
  • #3.Snapchat - Undownloading don't have fast forward or slow mo or any filters. All my friends have it u0026amp; they all have old phones So fix that... Now I am locked out of my account because someone hacked into my account but I changed my password today and it still say temporary lock please fix that. When fix maybe my stars will go up Until Further Notice undownloading
  • #4.Snapchat - Only thing is you should make to were you can make a longer snapchat video like add and make at least 25 seconds and if not 15. But thanks great app it's awesome
  • #5.Snapchat - you've let some androids go almost 24 hours with upside down vids also make sure androids get the 4th filter too cmon you're my fav app stop slakin
  • #6.Snapchat - I use it quite often even though ever once and a while (5 or so times every couple days) it freezes and closes out the app. I just reopen it and use it as is
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