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  • #1.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - I have often missed due date for payments and the fact that the app fails to remind me of payments beats the purpose of having this app.
  • #2.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Not updated.not showing detail call summary of previous calls.idea app have lot of features than Vodafone app
  • #3.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - In the 1st time ia going to use Vodafone telephone service. I hope that you give me better service.
  • #4.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Hi, I am unable to see and activate Internet plans on my app. I have tried to uninstall and install incase any issues in the app, however I am not able to Activate any plans on app. Kindly look into this.
  • #5.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - While the look and feel is better but there is No option to raise complaints from here. As it is customer service is not at all satisfactory.
  • #6.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Well made app. Instant updates on usage.. Only in few cases connection gets lost to server, hence 4 stars...
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