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  • #1.Angry Birds Rio - Too too too too too too many ad though this is my one of the favourite version of ANGRY BIRDS for this reason I give two star
  • #2.Angry Birds Rio - Had give 5 stars a year back, but now its no-good ... Greedy developer and no progress save or cloud save.. U start from scratch if u reinstall or change ur device
  • #3.Angry Birds Rio - Perfectly good (and old) game that I *paid* for on Amazon ad-free. Now freemium? I will not wait 10 minutes to play the next level nor will I give you more money to do so. What I will do is take my prize of 100% completion of this game and flush it down the toilet with the remove button. Your lack of understanding what made your games great is disturbing. One less app to back up I guess, should give you +1 star for that!
  • #4.Angry Birds Rio - I have always thought this game is really fun and addictive. I just can't stop laying it sometimes, :)
  • #5.Angry Birds Rio - I liked the original better, irritation is starting to boil! Now LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS! So many are about ready to uninstall because of the greed involved; WAITING for levels?!! Or PAY cash?! You have indeed ruined what WAS fun for years...shame on you Rovio! Bye-bye birdies!
  • #6.Angry Birds Rio - Actually my friend was playing this game she gave the mobile phone to me I don't no how to play this then she thought me the game then .l liked that and download in my mother's mobile phone
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